Sunday, July 6, 2008

Here's what we are doing today

I opted for a quiet day at home, as I know that tomorrow and Tuesday we run around a lot!

So far I have vacuumed, done laundry, did some work, gotten the errand lists together for the week and fed the kids two meals. I also reorganized all three freezers. It is so nice that everything is in its place now, but it was quite a task!

I am about to switch laundry again and fold clothes, dust, do the dishes and start on dinner. Husband wanted me to make a pizza dough that we saw in a cookbook a friend just sent, so I will make one batch of the pizza dough and the kids will make pita pizzas so they can customize.

Tomorrow we will go see Dr. Tom, stop at one grocery store to pick up some deals and then off to get the CSA. Dinner will probably be potstickers, I am planning to make the filling tonight so it can chill really well before I assemble.

Tuesday I promised the kids a trip to Chuck E Cheese (I have a pass for free food and tokens!), then we will run to the farm and put the milk in a cooler, then to another grocery store to grab their deals :)