Friday, July 11, 2008

Plan plan plan

So.....we owed my parents a visit since we never made it down there after the trip to the outer banks, this was due to the wedding we needed to attend in NY.

So in a week and a half, the kids and I will again pile into the car and head to NC. This time Ryan will stay home, and he will take on the task of moving all the beds around. Without us underfoot, it should be easier and quicker for him. When we get home, the girls and their beds will be in the bigger bedroom (Britt's old room) and the queen sized bed will be in Haven's old room-now the guest room. The closet will be emptied, and I will be able to come in and organize the closet and dressers to get the most space possible out of the room. On the agenda, buy one of the Ikea wall mounted desks although the color is wrong and I will need to repaint, the girls can store all the markers, etc in here and lock it up!

Then my parents will come in August for Gray's birthday and they are going to help us take care of some the wants in the house. Buying a house that is older and wasn't cared for has been a lot of work the last 5 years, but we have done a lot to address the problems. Still on the list, we NEED to address drainage out back which means jack hammering and building a wall, and we NEED to redo our bathroom, rip out the shower and replace it and the floor. So the wants right now include painting the kitchen cabinets and replacing the hinges, redoing the fireplace mantle and finishing the molding in the dining room. As an anniversary gift, my parents are coming to help and will buy the supplies, so my wants will be done and we can stay focused on the needs. Wooohooo!

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A Jersey Girl said...

I am so happy it will all be done. I cannot wait to see it:)