Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I wasn't sure it would fit!

So Emily and I loaded up the six kids in her Acadia and drove to pick up our meat. We left with 10 boxes of beef-3/4 of a cow (4 for Dr. Tom and 6 for us), 2 gallons of milk in half gallon glass bottles, a quart of half and half, a quart of yogurt, two huge bouquets of flowers, tomatoes, peaches (for em so we don't kill Haven), zucchini, squash, 3 dozen eggs, and six pounds of sausage(I think that is it). The kids in the middle row rode with boxes at their feet, the kids in the back had milk, and I had flowers on my lap, but we were still comfy and fit it all in, it was AMAZING!!

We dropped Tom's eggs and meat off and then Em and I sorted in the parking lot, and sorted and sorted and sorted. I came home and thankfully Ryan was up to help, and we crammed all of the food into the big freezer. Now I have a lot of freezer space, 1 upright and two top freezers, and I think we are packed in pretty well now and will be eating what we can reach :)

At this point, between the fresh stuff from the garden and the CSA, we should only need minimal things for the summer. We will rock the Eat Local Challenge!

I will try to get some decent pictures of the freezer and mud room, and the worse part is, I still have a ton more canning and freezing to do for winter eats. This will be interesting!

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