Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I seem to move between feeling REALLY together and feeling REALLY overwhelmed these days. As it stands, I am not teaching at FT school this week as we are on break, but we do have extra calls so that digs into my time for other things. I have a bunch of papers to grade for PT school, but have set aside Friday, Saturday and Sunday for makes it more manageable. I have three big assignments due for school this week, one is due tonight and I am not sure how to do it, but I sure will try! The others seem to be better. I also have to complete a bunch of paperwork for the upcoming maternity leave.

Today I have a call in a half hour, so I need to get into a shower. After that call, I will leave to go to get the last of the Easter goodies for the kids, then off to teach, stop at Wegman's on my way back (I am craving sesame honey crunch!) home to make dinner for the family and then write that paper. Tomorrow Gray and I will run to the farm in the morning and leave the hubby home for some rest, then back home to do homework and finish the painting that still isn't done, then off to tutoring. The MIL is coming at some point tomorrow, however I am not concerning myself with when. Friday will be conferences followed by a family outing to the movies and maybe dinner. So there is good reason to oscillate, so much going on!

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