Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So ready

Today was a long day, but not hectic which always helps. Girls and Gray made it off to school without a hassle. I came home, got a few things done and got ready for work. Did my call on the way in, taught, stopped at Wegman's and dropped the groceries at home. Then ran back out to pick Haven up from a friend's house, back home to feed the masses and get some work done. I managed to get through all my work and actually relax with the hubby for a bit. Surfed the web for some yarn and crochet patterns, my super talented mom said she would crochet the baby some wool longies, so I am getting some gorgeous wool and a few patterns and making her get to work. I hope that I can gather 4-8 longies/skirties for fall and winter, great natural fiber for the babe, and a diaper cover to boot!

Big plans for tomorrow include the bean pole assembly, the sowing of the parsnips and carrots and beans. I also need to start the lettuce and spinach, these will be able to be brought in if the weather gets too bad, and will be an ongoing process all summer. I also have a doctor's appointment at 1 tomorrow, Haven has riding at 4 and I have to tutor at 6! Somehow after the doctor, I need to run home and make dinner before heading out again....I am thinking burgers on the grill are an easy fix. Also on the plan for the weekend is a trip to Ikea to get the new dressers. Once they are all moved about, I can start washing clothes and putting them away...that will be a relief. I also have to get the new clothesline and have Ryan install it before I start prepping the diapers.

Wow, busy.

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