Sunday, April 5, 2009

Build the ark we are headed to the ER

So, tonight will go down in history. First we had this pipe that was dripping by the water heater. The plumber came yesterday, looked at it and said it was a main line, he didn't have the tool to shut off the water, have the hubby move this piece of wood that was in the way and he would come tighten it on Monday. Today, Ryan went to remove the wood before showering for work, he touched the leaky pipe just a touch and it started spraying. Thankfully husband called work to say he was going to be out and we called the plumber. Before we even got the call back....we heard this big noise and realized the pipe blew. Water was EVERYWHERE and our old house has no main shut off. Thankfully I was on the phone with my dad whining about the leaky pipe and he told me to call 911. I did, the firemen came, and they shut the water off at the main. We did some cleaning up and talked to the plumber who is coming at 9 am.

So a little while later, Brittan is up. She has had a fever all day but now she was really hot, over 104 on meds. Then she start vomiting...remember we have no water...then she and her father left for the ER. I am guessing she has the flu, not sure WHY we got the damn shot then, but she and Gray have been pretty sick all week. Hopefully they will see her quickly, and she will be OK.

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