Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things that make me crazy

OK that headline is deceiving as if I posted ALL the things that make me crazy, we would be here a long time. It should probably say things that make me crazy right now.

I am supposed to have a call with a new faculty member....but I emailed her days ago to get the best phone number to reach her, then I emailed her yesterday, then this morning.....um, no response? Here's the thing, if she wants to keep teaching with us, she needs to do these calls with me, and I find it incredibly rude when people feel their time is more valuable than mine. I don't take advantage of them, and I am courteous in scheduling things to work around everyone schedule, but not responding for this long is just unprofessional and not acceptable at an online school.

I am also peeved at folks who lie, especially those that lie to themselves or to others to make themselves feel better. If you need to lie about who you are, what you do/don't do, what your purpose is, etc, you have some serious issues to work out. If you don't even like who you are and can't be honest about it, then that is really sad. Oh, and just because other people do more, have more, etc don't accuse them of having/doing that to make you or anyone else feel bad. I do what I do because it works for me, you do what you do because it works for you...I sure as hell don't feel bad or compare myself to you, you need to work on your inadequacy issues and move on.

Finally, could the weather be any more erratic? I am looking forward to a little vacation next week.

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