Thursday, April 2, 2009

In it comes, and out it goes!

It seems that just when you think you are flush, something happens. At least we can afford the little "surprises" so that is a positive:)

Today I need to re-register my car (yuck $80 bucks) then I need to head to the farm for milk. Home again to straighten up, figure out dinner, etc. Then Haven has riding if it isn't too wet and I have to tutor at 6. I also have a small paper to write and want to have it done before tutoring so I can have some free time this evening.

Tonight Ryan's mom comes, then tomorrow I have someone coming to replace my windshield, it has been cracked for a few years, but has finally spread to being too bad for inspection. After conferences, we are planning to head to the movies for some family fun.

I MUST finish the painting, but it may take until Saturday to get to that...oh well.

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