Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I really need a day off!

It has been gang busters around here lately, it seems there is never a moment free and I am scrambling to keep up. I know that this happens every spring and that this year it is just magnified by the pregnancy that I am now really starting to feel, but still, it is CRAZY!

I am finishing out a class tomorrow and after it is done, I only have four more classes before I need to take my comprehensive exams and begin my dissertation. Essentially that means that I will be ABD (all but dissertation) by the end of the year...YIKES!

FT job has been busy busy with student groups, student issues, teaching, faculty concerns, course changes, etc. PT job is closing out, two more weeks of classes and they are all done and I am off until September...wooohooo. Even the tutoring went and got busy with me working tonight and Thursday. While I love the extra cash, that is a lot of stuff to do! In addition, we have doctor's appointments out the behind and did I mention that I am really beginning to feel the pregnancy, third trimester is creeping up.

Thankfully PT job is almost over, I get two weeks off from my school and in 9 weeks I am off from FT gig until 8 weeks after the babe. I am really looking forward to that break and hope to get lots done.

Today I got just a few more items for the little one. I ordered her bedding, it is super cute with frogs on it and the set came with everything including the window treatments. I also ordered a new Boppy...I like it somewhat for breastfeeding, but even more for propping the baby up. So far, I only have a few things I need and the only big thing my parents are getting for me :) A little more smart acquiring and we are ready to go!

On the bad side of things....I didn't finish grading the exams for my class tomorrow...but alas they will have to wait. On the bright side, I finally got up the nerve to apply for a FT teaching position at a nearby university...and I really, REALLY want it! Only time will tell!

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