Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And then there was peace

Even with work and the trip tomorrow, I am oddly at peace. All I have to do tonight is finish grading, and I am halfway there, and do a few posts. The girls stuff is ready to be packed, and I just have to grab the last of Gray's. I need very little for three days, so it is easy for me to get myself ready. Toothbrushes and other hygiene related items will go into the suitcase in the morning before I leave for work.I have minimal prep for class tomorrow, and aside from needing to remember my exams to grade and laptop, we should be able to get on the road quickly tomorrow evening. My poor mother is distraught over me driving with the kids alone at night, but I am actually looking forward to the peace and quiet while driving!

The house is so much calmer now, I have gathered almost everything I need for the new babe, all is left is the stroller which my parents will buy, the bouncy seat I am getting, bedding and a few other odds and ends. I have my eye on a bedding set and it pretty reasonable, plus I need to get two new dressers and a futon. The big bed in the "guest" room will leave, a futon will go in and the crib and changing table...guests can stay in there and the baby can room in with me. Easy peasy, we are on our way!

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