Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes a girl needs a good cry

OK, I need to whine. I am tired, bone dragging tired. I am sure a lot of the exhaustion is due to the anemia, coupled with the fact that I am not eating again, my stomach is upset from the antibiotic and my anti nausua meds make me sleepy. All I want to do is crawl into bed and take a nap, which is so not like me.

My husband has been, shall we say, erratic. I know he is tired, and stressed and all around having a tough time lately, but he really needs to find a middle ground. I never know if he is happy or angry or if he is going to be nice or nasty. I only have one more week of classes, and then I know he will get more sleep and hopefully be in a better mood.

My hips hurt, really, really badly. This is the first real pregnancy issue I have had, so overall that isn't too bad, but man, I feel like I have been using the thighmaster for a week straight!

Grayson really wants my attention today, but I am so tired and have so much to do before class. He has been following me around, and all I want to do is snuggle up with him on the couch, but instead I have to do dishes and vacuum and make dinner before class. Tomorrow I will snuggle and play with him all day, I made him a promise.

I am so tired of drama. I mean, there has been drama for weeks on end, and I really cannot take it anymore. There is a reason I avoid things, it is called self preservation. When the MIL was here, I avoided to try to maintain some level of composure. I avoid, it is what I do to protect myself. I am tired of being attacked and put down, and I really want nothing to do with the drama makers. I am too tired, and have bigger worries than all this garbage, and if everyone else could see past the end of their own nose, they would see that I am scared for my baby, that I fear for what we will find out this week. That I have horrific pain in my mouth, that I am struggling each day to get by but keep trying to survive for my kids and family. That I am sitting here with anxiety through the roof, and yet I keep moving forward, I hold my head up and get my tasks done.

Have I mentioned that I am tired, really, really, tired.

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