Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A much deserved day at home

Ah, Tuesday..what a wonderful day!

The weather is gorgeous, all the exams are graded and all I have to do is some easy work work. Laundry is waiting for me, as is some dusting, but compared to the normal craziness of my days, this is a welcome change. Grayson and I have big plans to bake cookies this afternoon as a surprise to the girls, and I plan to try to sneak in a nap...can you believe it, a NAP! I think I can convince Grayson to leave me be for a half hour or so, and he was up a lot last night so he may even doze...oh the excitement!

Dinner tonight will be an easy affair as well. I had plans to make a more involved sausage en croute, but decided to just grill up Italian sausage and hot dogs for the kids, make some coleslaw and oven roasted ranch potatoes. Easy and yummy!

My biggest goal for the day is to get the last of the wipes sewed as well as most of the diaper soakers. I am hoping to make my way down to the fabric store near the end of the week to get the fleece for the baby's sleep sack and fabric for the girl's new curtains. I also need to purchase the yarn for the longies my mom is making and I want to gather some fabric for the girl's sundresses and summer skirts. I hope to have that sewing machine humming for the better part of May!

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