Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gloomy Wednesday

It is rainy and gloomy here, and I couldn't be happier! Being that I seem to have grown twelve belly sizes in the last week, I was not enjoying the summer preview we had going earlier this week. The rain is cooling things down and will also help my new seeds and plants get a jump on their growth. The wetness will probably keep me from getting more seedlings in the ground tomorrow, but they could use another week to get bigger, so no major loss there. Once all of the plants are in the ground, I have a new organic fertilizer that I am going to try this year and I am hoping it will help the soil become more favorable.

My morning plans were squashed a bit when I went to drop Gray off at preschool and he burst into tears and refused to go. I know his allergies are really bugging him and he hasn't slept well, but it was out of character, so I took him home. I needed to go to the farm, but felt he needed to come home more. Not sure when we will make the farm trip since tomorrow morning we have the fetal echo and Friday I have the cardio, both in opposite directions from the farm. My guess is that I will go to the fetal echo in the morning tomorrow, we will get home around 2, i will drop off Ry and Gray and then head down to the farm. The other option is I could send Ryan and Gray to the farm in the morning and I could do the fetal echo alone....we will have to see.

Now I am just waiting for Ryan to get home so I can go teach my final class of the week is finals and then summer break!

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