Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hit the road Jack!

Tomorrow the kiddos and I will hit the road and head home. I am miss, miss, missing the hubby and feel like I haven't seen him in weeks what with all the drama and the trip!

The kids were pretty good, we had some moments, but everyone shaped up well! Today we went to play mini-golf, and we should know by now that my kids do not do well with mini-golf! Gray had a meltdown, he and I sat in the car, and then we all moved on. Came back, ate lunch, kids played bubbles and then off to the pool where they swam like little fishes and I sweltered! Back home where they devoured dinner and then they were treated to ice cream. Everyone, except me of course, went to bed well, and I stayed up to work, and get some online shopping done. I managed to score all the kids, including the new baby, four new summer outfits each for under 128 bucks total shipped. That was less than 6 bucks an item! I love when the stars align and I can get everyone much needed items on the cheap!

I guess I should head to bed so I am able to drive. I will miss having fun in NC with my parents, but am so excited to head home and get back to the routine!

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