Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleepy sleepy!

I got home late from class last night and then spent way too much time chit chatting with the sitter. By the time I got my work done and headed to bed, it was very late, and then my two youngest kept getting up! Haven was up by 7:30 and they were all downstairs eating by 8, so we are well on our way!

Today we will get ourselves dressed, go out to lunch, head to the farm and then home to pack for our trip to NC. I also have a bunch of grading that I must do today as well as some more general work. Not to mention, general house stuff like dishes, vacuuming and laundry! Hopefully after an afternoon out, the kids will be helpful with the packing and allow me the time to get chores done...I am bribing them with ice cream.

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