Tuesday, April 28, 2009


There are so many changes, adaptations, etc that I want to make or we are making here at home. The food issue has been an ongoing one, I have added in the cloth diapers for the baby as well as trying to make some clothes for the kids. We are working to spend less, and save more, and have a plan to be ALMOST debt free in the next five years...this will not include my ridiculous school loans or the house. We do however, have plans to move in the next five years to a house that costs less and has more outdoor space. It is all about cutting back. Five years from now I will be turning 39, and all I want by 40 is to be in a home I love, growing and living as much as we can on our own plot with as little debt as possible. I hate the looming feeling that debt brings, so we have made these plans, and I hope they work!

Now the challenge is.....how do we spend less now? With PT school ending soon, I do have the ability to spend less. With the garden and CSA coming soon, food will also cost less. We do, however, still need some things...and the surprises always show up, but i am confident that we will find a way. I am also thankful that come fall, we will be in the best place we have been financially on almost 4 years, what a relief that is! Here is to hoping new opportunities arise that allow us to keep moving forward and making strides.

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