Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am having a hard time getting going the last few mornings. Some of this is due to staying up too late, some is due to the hectic nature of our schedule lately and some is just because I am tired :)

The nice part about Wednesdays is, while I know it is an incredibly long day, usually the next two days are quiet. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and tutoring, but not too much going on. Friday I have minimal plans for the day, I figure I will make a farm run after dropping Gray at school, and then home to get some planting and other household items done. Friday night Ryan and I have a hot date with some Indian food, and I am so excited. Not only do I love Indian, but enjoying it with Ryan and having the kids home and happy with the sitter...perfect! Even better is the fact that I have a gift certificate for dinner and the extra day of tutoring will pay the sitter, so it is like a free night out! I may have a few tricks up my sleeve for Saturday, but I will have to see how that plays out.

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