Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Beginnings

OK, so even though my tooth really hurts AND I have to see the hematologist today, I am still really getting excited. I love Spring, it brings such a great sense of excitement around here, and with a new baby coming, that is only magnified! All of our little seedlings are coming up, the onions are doing beautifully and the greens go in the ground today. On my way home from the doctor, I will stop and grab the materials for the bean poles as well as the herb garden fencing so the plants can be transplanted in a week or so. The CSA payment is going out this week, strawberry picking is coming soon, and I feel assured that we will eat wonderful, tasty, local food all summer.

The clothes I ordered for the kids came and they are perfect. The girls loved everything, and I put the baby stuff into the growing pile in my room. Once the dressers are moved and the clothesline up, the diapers will be washed and everything will be put away. I am holding out on putting the crib up as my parents are coming in June to watch the kids while I go to a conference, and the baby will not be in the crib when she first comes home, we will use the bassinet. I figure that by the end of summer, the bed will be moved, the futon will go in and the crib will go up, that will work well for everyone :)

I am also very anxious to see what happens with my application to the other University. Seems the contact name I was given was for the Journalism positions, but the prof in charge forwarded my materials to the correct guy and sent me a nice note. I reviewed the credentials of the staff, and most have a masters but not all have doctorates, one of the bonuses of an art based program, so I am hoping I am ahead of the game. I guess we will see!

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