Monday, April 13, 2009

The changing of the kids

When I had one child, she was always dolled up...ALWAYS! She had beautiful little outfits and I even shopped at a few boutiques...not sure how I afforded it, but I did. When I had two kids, my girls, I discovered that there were lots of cute matching outfits out there. Both girls were pretty dolled up, although Haven was at that awful two year old stage where anything she touched exploded all over her and made a mess. I still shopped at little boutiques for holiday outfits. When Grayson came along, I found that young girls (2 and 4)did well in t-shirts and cotton pants and a few sundresses and little boys are really easy to dress on the cheap. No more boutiques or super cutsey matchy outfits, except a few for holidays. Now we are waiting for number 4, and while she has some cute outfits packed away, we got them on sale :) The girls wear a lot of hand me downs mixed in with nicer stuff from their favorite stores. Jeans rule here...although in the summer, the girls both like dresses or skirts. I actually order sewing patterns to learn how to make some of their favorite pieces, maybe I can even make some matching, but alas no more boutiques. I did, however, find a few woolies for the baby that I will order. They aren't cheap, but they are great diaper covers and pants all in one...can't beat that. Plus the down home, wholesome look is what I want for the kids. Maybe if I ask nicely, my mom will crochet some for me.

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