Sunday, April 26, 2009

Keep on moving

It is just after 10 am and we have already accomplished a lot. The crew and I headed to the grocery store for a few essentials and while Gray was horrid, we were in and out pretty quickly. I have some work to do today, and also need to get out back and water the newly planted gardens. In addition, we of course have housework and I am making Ryan the asian chicken he has been asking for. I also need to make cheese since Grayson requested it.

The week ahead is looking busy, but good. Monday after the kids are dropped at school, I have the consult with the oral surgeon regarding my wisdom tooth. I really want to wait until after the baby is here to have it pulled, so I will have to see what he says. Tomorrow night is my last "real" class at PT school as they have their final the following week, same goes for the Wednesday class. Thursday morning I have the follow up fetal echocardiogram and am hoping that nothing significant shows up. Friday I see my cardiologist in the morning, and then we are picking the girls up early from school to head up to my sister's for the Apple Blossom Festival Parade and the carnival...what fun!

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