Friday, April 3, 2009

Great reviews

We had parent teacher conferences this morning, and given the hard year we have had with Haven's teacher, I was prepared for the worst. Instead, we got a glowing report of how far she has come, what a sweet and helpful girl she is and just how well she is doing. While I know she isn't quite working up to her true abilities yet, she really has made such wonderful progress and we are excited to see more from her. At this point Haven is reading on at least a sixth grade level (she is in third), but we are having a tough time finding books that are challenging and age appropriate.

Brittan's teacher gave her a glowing review as well. She has already master all but two skills needed for first grade and is reading on close to a fourth grade level (she is in 1st). The teacher has been working with Britt and a few other kids who are doing well and giving them upper grade level work to challenge them. She is also setting her up for next year, trying to find a teacher who will see her potential and really tap into it. Brittan was also commended for her sweet, giving and helpful nature. Such different girls, but such sweet, smart and good girls, we are very proud!

After conferences, we headed out to see Monsters verses Aliens in 3-D. While it was tough getting there on time, we made it and the movie was really cute and fun. We all enjoyed it since it is rare for the whole tribe to go out together, and while I started off a bit sour due to not eating, in the end it was really enjoyable.

Now I am off to tutor, the kids are gearing up for dinner and are driving poor Grandma nuts :)

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