Monday, April 27, 2009

Just tired and sick of this road

Saw the oral surgeon, and he was actually a really nice guy, reminded my of my dentist who I really like. He agreed that pulling the tooth while pregnant is a last resort, so 7 more days of antibiotics (and this is the killer one that really screws you up) and more pain meds if I need them. I have never had pain meds handed out so freely as I have this pregnancy. If the tooth hurts again, go back and we will make a decision then. On the bright side, once the baby is born I can go in, get knocked out and have all my wisdom teeth pulled for free...good thing since paying for that seems criminal.

Onward. I am stressed beyond belief about the double cardio appointments this week-although no one seems to give a crap or notice. I am also sick and tired of everyone telling me to take the high road, be the better person, some point, don't I just become a foolish doormat? It would be great if the rest of the world realized that maybe, just MAYBE, I also have a life and stress and horrible things to deal with,and that throwing crap at me during this time period and lecturing me on how I need to be better than everyone else who in turn can behave as atrociously as they please, turn the other cheek for the umpteenth time, and ignore my own fears and concerns is not the best approach. Then maybe then they would back off. Just saying.

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