Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mud and Graveyards

So, we got a lot accomplished, but not everything we set out to do...such is life with many little people.

The beans and poles are in. The butternut squash is in. The upper garden is ready for the other squash plants once they are a tad larger.

The new side bed was turned and we added some soil to lighten it. The garlic we had set aside a few weeks ago sprouted beautifully, so we planted around 30 cloves...I am anxious to see if we harvest that many! We then planted two more rows of onions, sweet ones this time, since the bucket onions are doing so well. Then the parsnips and carrots went in, and everything was watered and fenced to keep little feet and big dogs out. The area we planted has a black fence around it, so it resembles a mini graveyard, especially with the little metal markers. Soon enough it will be full of green, and will not look so ominous. We also have the planters ready for the herbs we started, they are catty corner to the new bed, and will hopefully smell yummy when the wind blows.

The bucket onions are growing better than expected. Some will be harvested as spring onions in the next few weeks. Seedlings look wonderful and could be transplanted today but they are still a touch small. If the weather is as great as it looks this week, we will be finishing off the plantings next Saturday and then we just need to water until harvest.

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