Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last post of the day

or well technically first post of tomorrow!

I think we may be hitting our stride here at the Kelley home. All of a sudden it is coming together, and that just makes for smoother days. Tomorrow we may try to get to church, I will have to see if we wake up in time since Gray, Britt and I slept until 9 this morning and all the kids got to bed late. On the agenda for tomorrow is a quick trip to the store. I have been promising Ryan I would make him an asian chicken recipe and somehow I am out of boneless chicken breasts. It is OK as we need a few other items, so the kiddos and I will make a run in the morning. Otherwise, I am doing laundry and grading tomorrow...maybe I will even bust out the paint and finish the family room! I need to get moving as the big kid clothing switcheroo is coming up soon, and I need to get cracking on the baby's room. Night world!

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