Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a day!!

So we are in full swing here trying to get ready for the trip. Today I went to take the car to be inspected, and found out that it would be quite the wait. Ryan was home with Gray and the Comcast guy, so I called Em to pick me up. She said sure, but I forgot she was all the way in Fredericksburg!! While I was waiting, the school called and said Haven needed to be picked up, it looks like she has pink eye (AGAIN) but Ryan was stuck at home, I was stuck with the care....uh oh. Thankfully, I called my neighbor and she ran to the school and grabbed Haven. Then Emily came and got me, dropped me at home, and within 10 minutes of getting home, they called and said my car is ready, argh! Called the neighbor back and asked if she would drop me off when she left to go to an appt, she did, car is home and so am I. Unfortunately I have a really nasty belly ache, so I am not getting as much done as I hoped today. If Ryan will attack the laundry, I can finish packing up the kids so that can come off the list for tonight.

Tomorrow morning I need to drop the dog at the kennel, go to the farm, go get a bigger cooler and socks for the kids, come home and get the house in order and pack for Ryan and I and organize all the food. I also have a paper due tomorrow night and of course I have my regular work to do, so it will be busy. If all goes well, tomorrow night we will pack the car, the kids will go to bed in sweatpants and shirts, and we will be ready for our 6 am departure.

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