Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008

Well, I did not stay awake for the ringing in of the New Year. Ryan said that next year he will make sure he is home and we will go and celebrate together, it is more likely we will hang out with the Fallons :)

I tried to start the year off well, I got up and made pancakes for the kids (from scratch of course!) half blueberry and half plain. Cleaned up a bit, planned to take them out, etc. They were again in awful moods, and while I understand that the girls are sick of having no school and being cooped up, I really have no patience for this. I decided that I will take them out to lunch, which is a Tuesday tradition, and then I will come home, make the stock for the pot pie, finish the pot pie for dinner and do dishes, etc. Today, I will summon up every drop of patience I have and use it. I will try my best to see things through their eyes, to understand that they are not trying to drive their mama crazy and that they are just being kids.

Tomorrow Haven has a dental appointment, and then Ryan is OFF!!! I have some calls to be on for work on Thursday, but I think we will go to the Children's Museum on Friday to help the kids get out some of their extra energy. Monday the kids are back to school, but only for a week since we head to Florida after that. I have to say I feel a bit bad since Britt missed the whole week before Christmas, but thankfully she is a bright child and only in Kindergarten, so she will be OK.

I am getting really excited about the trip, but also stressed about the cost. Even though we don't have to pay for the hotel (thanks to the timeshare!) and I will cook at least two meals a day, it is still expensive to drive to Florida and pay for everything the kids want to do. This year we have season passes to Busch Gardens here in VA, and we can use those passes at Sea World and Busch Gardens Tampa, so we will only be spending two days at Disney. Since this is Brittan and Grayson's 3 rd Disney trip and Haven's 4th, I am not concerned that we will be back and able to do more days at the park next time. I am also going to pack a lot of our food and bring it with us. We usually go grocery shopping when we get there, but I never know what to bring and get flustered trying to do the shopping late at night after the long drive. This year I will make a few dinners to bring and reheat, pack the cereal, bagels, milk etc. This will save us money as we will eat a lot at the hotel (it has a full kitchen) and I won't have to spend a fortune on small things like small packages of ground beef, cereal, milk, etc.

Ah, I must go take off these comfy pajamas and put on real clothes so we can go out. New Year, same old routine :)

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