Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another day down

It was a long day. A long, long, long day.

The girls had no school today, so we were all home this morning. Grayson had a bad night, so I was up with him a lot and after three nights in a row of poor sleep, I am feeling it.

I got up, feed the kids and got ready for work. Left at 11, did my conference call w/ FT gig in the car, then went and taught at PT school. Left and fought the masses home, grabbed my debit card from Ryan that I had forgotten and then went to pick up Grays meds and some supplies for Haven's school project.

Home again to three fed kids (thanks hon!) got Haven working on her project and started grading. Between the HOUR it took to do the project, the grading for FT school, writing a paper and regular work, I am wiped. I am now enjoying a few pistachio nuts and then I will turn in. Tomorrow Ry and I have big plans for the Lost premiere, stay tuned!

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