Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Buddy

So since Grayson was sick, he has just been off. He still naps most days, falls asleep at 7:30 bedtime and wakes unhappily a 7:30 am. The problem is that he is up a lot during the night, always once around 10 or 11, then again around 1 and then 3 or 4. He has been sleeping me me/us every night since he was sick, coming in some time between 10 and 2 am and he has been very needy, wanting to be held or laying on top of me. This is not like him, he has always been a very independent sleeper, he always slept well, alone and through the night except when sick or if he had a really bad dream. I am going crazy as I just cannot get a good nights sleep with him laying on my face or me having to hold him, and I NEED to get him back to normal. With the trip in a week, I am not even going to attempt to fix this, as he will get all screwy because of the trip anyway. I am thinking of getting him a white noise machine when we get back, maybe Sammy the hamster is waking him up.

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