Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I miss my husband

Even though he is just at work, and I know he is off tomorrow, I miss his company tonight. While there are days he makes me crazy, there are nights like tonight where he is so supportive and kind. He assured me tonight that he will look for a new job, and told me that I have been living this schedule hell for too long and he knows I need a change. While I am still hopeful that the Mason job pans out, I also hope that he will keep looking for a job with more regular hours if it doesn't.

Right now I am sitting here just missing him, and hating that I have to go to bed alone (although at least one kid will join me soon enough). I am also sort of thankful that I remembered that the dentist didn't call in antibiotics for Haven, so I will not have to brave the dentist at 9 am with all the kids! I will, however, have to call them first thing, have them call in the meds and reschedule the appointment, but I won't have to take off my pajamas!

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