Sunday, January 6, 2008

Calmer and cooler

So, I think I finally went back to sleep at 3, which stinks as I was in bed early and sleeping peacefully before all hell broke loose. It is now 9 am, the kids have been fed, two loads of laundry are already through the washer and dryer, I folded a load of towels and put them away, and separated two big baskets into kid's clothes and grownup clothes. In a few minutes, after I finish this must deserved cup of coffee, I will fold the kid's clothes and have the kids put them away. I anticipate another round of this later today as well, since most of what is in the washer is their clothing.

My girls have also been informed of how things will be changing around here. I am all for free spirits, creativity, etc, but they have also become destructive and rude. I don't want them to grow up into people who interrupt others when speaking or on the phone, or who damage other people's belongings, so we have enacted a few ground rules. I don't believe these new rules and guidelines will damage their spirit, I feel it will help them to grow into good, productive, moral adults, after all, I am not raising children, I am raising adults to be.

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