Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting anxious

It is not quite the end of January and I am anxious to get started with spring tasks. It could be that it has been a cold, yet not snowy, winter. It could be that I am winter tasked out, tired of baking and laundry and ready for fresh foods. Whatever it is, I have my seed list for the gardens, and I will begin gathering canning items so we are ready when the time comes. Ryan and I need to spend a weekend out cleaning the garage and mudroom, but it has to be at least 40 outside for us to do that job!

Soon we will be building and tilling gardens, starting seeds, sanitizing jars, and getting into the season. I am so excited to get going, to get the gardens planted, and the chickens here. If we get that achieved, we will have met and exceeded all goals for the year. We will have local beef, we will have local produce from our yard and the CSA, we localize the coffee, dairy is local and we are looking for pork and chicken suppliers, although we may just need to accept that we have to purchase the hormone free from the supermarket.

We will get our eggs from the CSA until Fall, as our chicks with probably not start laying until then. For winter, we should have enough produce canned and frozen and we will take part in the winter CSA to get chard and other greens. We are also setting up the LED grow system in the garage, so I am hopefully that we will have tomatoes, beans and greens from there as well. What a change from last year, and I feel so much better feeding my family!

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