Friday, January 18, 2008

We made it home :)

So, we left this morning around 8 am and made it home around 9:30, not too shabby!

The kids were loud, but good on the ride, and overall the trip back went really well. We had so much fun on the trip, and have already started talking about what we want to do when we go back! I am so proud of the kids, they did a lot of things that used to scare them. All three went in the Haunted Mansion, and that is spooky even for grownups. This time they LOVED Pirates of the Caribbean and they went on roller coasters and the bumpy safari ride. The only things that are still no good for my group are the 3-D movies where they spray you with water, this still freaks my kids out!

We are excited that we purchased the timeshare points and will be going to Vermont this summer to check that resort out. If we like it, we will have enough points for a trip to Florida in the next two years, and we will purchase our own timeshare at the property or resale.

I love having my family all to myself, and while they often make me crazy, they are also a lot of fun. I cannot wait for the summer trip to Vermont, I am a huge fan of Vermont and cannot wait to show them why I love it up there!

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