Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Day Gone

Today was a bit busy, and tomorrow I head back to PT school. I think I am ready, my class list is prepared, I have my syllabus, and I know what I want to do with them tomorrow.

I got everything I needed done for tonight, including the paper I was dreading. It actually went quite quickly, this class has been the easiest I have had so far in my doctoral program, and it is a welcome relief. I like what we are covering, and I fully understand it, something I couldn't say for a few past classes. Tonight's paper was quick, only 2 pages, and I am happy it is done.

Now I will try to relax a bit, I tend to get overly stressed the night before my first class. I know it will be a breeze, it always is, but it still makes me nervous. After I get home tomorrow I start my weekend. On Thursday, Ryan and I will get the big wreath off the side of the house, so sad that it is still there, but the weather didn't comply with our time off. We will then make a nice fire and settle in to watch a movie with Emily. Hopefully on Saturday Ryan can go with Ben and get us a new door to the playroom. The kids are loud in there when I am working, and it gets cold at night, so I want Ryan to get moving on a new door to replace the one the kids damaged.

Now I need to go get a cup of tea, my head is hurting again, so I need to relax.

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