Sunday, January 6, 2008

Damn rotten kids

OK, I can totally stand by the title of this post right now. It is 1:14 am, and 45 minutes ago my 7 1/2 year old woke me to tell me she peed her bed. Well swell, she has no plastic sheet anymore since her father decided A WEEK AGO she didn't need it. It is a pillow top, really nice mattress. I am not happy, I have no clue how to clean it and I am pissed(no pun intended). As I am dealing with that bull, I realize that she has trashed her room as well. Currently there are two beds in her room, the second one being there for her sister while we had company. The second bed was also part the bunk beds she was supposed to be getting.....well, not anymore. I will be dismantling one of the beds tomorrow since she cannot keep her room clean with the two beds.

In the process, I go into her sisters room. This room was scrubbed by me before Christmas, and should have only housed guests as Britt has been sleeping in Haven's room for weeks. Lo and behold, written all over the VERY expensive wallpaper is BRITTAN. She was up, so I call her in and she decided now she will lie. She has taken to telling lies the last few days, and I am not so into it. She tells me she did it a long time ago, when she was a baby.....hmmm, um NO. Then she tells me she did it when she was four (turned 5 in July), um, NO! Finally she says she did it recently, although I don't know if it was there before Christmas. In the process of trying to clean the multiple renditions of her name off the wall, I find that she has also gouged the paper with a pen, so all the cleaning fluid leaked behind and now the wall paper is falling off. Swell. So I tear most of the paper off in that area, which is thankfully a very small wall, and tomorrow I will remove the rest of the paper and paint the wall the purple color that is on the top half.

I am so furious with both of them, and we are supposed to leave for Florida in a WEEK. We may not be going if it doesn't turn around, and soon.

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