Friday, January 25, 2008

kittens and chickens

Tomorrow morning we will go pick up the kitten. Grayson wants to name it Helicopter, but I am guessing we will come up with something a bit better. So far the girls don't know a thing, it is a surprise.

Ryan and I have also looked into the chickens. Looks like I will take a run to the feed store this week to see if they carry the coop I want. We will be ordering five female day old Buff Orpingtons, as they are hardy, heavy and very docile. I am hopeful that we will keep all alive as I want a flock of 3-5 hens. They lay about every other day and don't stop in winter, so this seems to be a good pick for our home use.

The chicks will be small when they come, so we will need to set up a brooder for them. We will use a simple wire cage or aquarium and heat lamp (em can we borrow yours??) The chicks will be handled a lot so they get used to us, so if we get them in March, we will have them outside in May :)

The chickens will have a coop and run, and we will free range them whenever possible, probably when the kids are out playing and the dog is inside. The coop will be placed close to the house, outside the pantry window so we can run a heater or light as needed in winter. The chicks will also help create compost, another positive here!


theansweris said...

You can have whatever you need. If I have it you can borrow it.

And I will forever call the cat helicopter:)

rachelpinklovesunicorns said...

Helicopter is the best cat name ever. Grayson rocks. Next time we get kittens in at the animal shelter, I'm definitely going to try and get one named Helicopter :)


Tribe Mama said...

OK, so Helicopter may have to stick. We will have to see after we meet the girl, see if she is the Chopper sort.

I am now looking for names for the hens, I was thinking of naming them Rover, Fluffy and Bubbles. Or we could go the sick route with Fried, Stewed and Roasted (although they will be pets and never eaten )