Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally, a quiet night

I have had a nice evening, and although I know saying that aloud means I may get struck by lightning or someone will get sick, I still needed to say it. I got my work done early, I had no schoolwork to do, and dinner was cleaned up by 6. The kids were given baths and sent off to bed, and I have enjoyed sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and a few tv shows. I needed this quietness, as tomorrow we have to get up and get the girlies off to school. I really need to go to the farm tomorrow, and there is a threat of nasty weather, so I need to go and get back early. The major problem is that Ryan's car is still at the shop b/c the emissions guy wasn't in today, and he has my car, so I can't go anywhere until he gets home. Emily is picking my girls up in the morning, and if she and her girls are up and dressed, I may be able to bribe her to drive me with the promise of peanut brittle. Ah well, that is winter in Virginia, freezing rain and no real snow.

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theansweris said...

Peanut brittle is all I need.