Saturday, January 19, 2008

Getting back to normal!

So we are happily home and getting back to normal :)

I went early this morning to pick the dog up and she was so happy to see me. Brought her home, Ryan gave her a bath and I went off to the grocery store. Even though we tried to eat healthy when possible on the trip, there were times we had junk (lots of funnel cake and ice cream was consumed!) so now we are back to normal. I have a beautiful chicken roasting away, and will make stuffing, and squash and zucchini with leeks for supper. I also promised the kids some banana bread, so I will be cooking that up in a few minutes. After supper, I plan to make chicken and dumplings for tomorrows lunch, and may even get a batch of granola bars in the oven.

Tomorrow I plan to have a quiet day. The girls will head next door to see their friends new puppy, I will bake up a bunch of pumpkin muffins to replenish our stock and dinner will be meatloaf with roasted sweet potatoes and homemade biscuits, YUM!

I head back to PT school this week, so I need to update my syllabus and send that off for printing. I am trying a few new things with my classes this session, I hate having such a large class as it limits discussion, so I am working to overcome that. I also have another paper to write tonight, work and general house cleaning. I am happy to be back home and getting into the routine, and with the kids off on Monday, we will be able to get everything in order following the trip. Vacations are fun, but sitting here under my favorite blanket with a glorious fire and the comfort and warmth of our full and happy home, that is true happiness.

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