Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two great things!

So the beans roasted perfectly, and I swear I am drinking the best cup of coffee I have ever had! This bean was an Ethiopian coffee, and I roasted it for 7 minutes, until it was a full city/light french roast. The coffee is very smooth, slightly sweet and a word FANTASTIC!

Another interesting thing happened while I was enjoying that cup of coffee, I got word that the book that I contributed on is published! It means so much to me to be published while still working on my doctorate, and while I only wrote one section, it is a great start. When you finish your doctorate, universities look to see if you have been published, where and how many times. They also look to see if you have teaching experience. I feel that between the FT teaching gig (online) and the PT teaching gig (face to face, great university) and the publication, I am in a great place following graduation! Now I will keep working to get more published and to keep my career moving in the right direction. Now if the pesky housing market could turn around, I would feel better about selling the house if I get a job out of the area. At least that is three years away, so the market has some time!


theansweris said...

That is awesome! When can we get a copy?

Tribe Mama said...

They will be available on Amazon in a few weeks. It is not that interesting of a book, but hell it is a book!

theansweris said...

It is a book and you wrote part of it and it was published and that is awesome. You'll have to give me the info so I can by one, and maybe get the author to sign it:)!