Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cold and tired

Soooo, last night was just a BAD experience. I went up to bed at 11 when Grayson woke up. I asked Ryan to bring me tylenol PM since my knee has been bothering me and he snores, so the PM part would help. I guess I fell asleep and he came to bed and never gave me the medicine because at 1:30 I was jolted awake by his snoring and a horrid pain in my leg. Then I tried to go back to sleep, but he was doing that scary snoring thing where every 5 minutes he makes a loud snore that startles me awake. Now I am anxious to begin with, so being scared awake every few minutes sent me over the edge and I had an anxiety attack. Kicked husband out of bed (no worries, Brittan was sleeping in the extra bed in Haven's rooms, so there was a queen sized bed for him). Then Grayson got up and started screaming, then Brittan got up screaming at me, then I stepped on Haven who was sleeping on my floor and she started screaming at me. So I went downstairs with all the screamers and the husband and suggested we just start the day then, at 4:30 am. Ryan said no, he sent the kids back to bed, he went to lay on the (new) couches in the family room, and I rested on the (super comfy old) couch in the living room. Then Gray was up coughing and screaming so he came down to lay on my chest and cough in my face every few minutes, and he is heavy and coughs hard, yuck. So, basically I slept from 11 -1:30, awoke to a freezing cold house and have to do actual work today too.

Thankfully Ryan took Haven to the dentist, I got some work done this morning, and the other two kids are being pretty good and playing well together. The fire is started, hopefully it will get warm and toasty in here soon, and I just need to be on a few conference calls this afternoon and see if Haven has riding (God I hope not, it is FREEZING!) Dinner plans are simple and silly, tonight we will have some homemade soup, salad, shrimp cocktail and spinach dip, a mess of appetizers and hors d'oeuvres, but a break from the usual :)

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theansweris said...

That was so bad, I can't even complain about how bad my night was. It is cold though. My house is struggling to stay at 67, and I used all the wood on the porch yesterday, and it is too cold for me to bring up more. Hope tonight is much, much better:)!