Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fresh recipes?

I couldn't locate the pumpkin muffin recipe I have used in the past, so I went in search of a new one. In my quest, I found that it was near impossible to locate a recipe that used fresh pumpkin, they all called for canned pumpkin. I find this amazing, really no one uses fresh pumpkin? What about all the people that grow pumpkins, as we hope to this year, what do they do with them?

Hmm, well fresh cooked pumpkin is more wet than canned, so it is not easy to substitute one for the other, so I really needed a recipe built around the texture of the fresh pumpkin. I looked through a few cookbooks, and then pulled out my Amish and Mennonite cookbook, an old one that I sometimes go to for traditional meals, such as chicken and dumplings, that I don't make regularly. I had never made the bread recipes in the book, but found their pumpkin bread recipe called for fresh, cooked pumpkin...Hooray!

The recipe is huge, three full cups of sugar, 2 cups of pumpkin and three cups of flour! I have a dozen muffins baking away, and it looks as though I will get at least four more dozen. For a change, I am making half of the muffins with raisins added, and of course I added some flax meal to add a bit of protein and in my mind, offset all that sugar. Hopefully this recipe will be a keeper.

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