Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beat away the humdrums

A sure fire way to get rid of those sick of winter blues is to make a strawberry shortcake and daydream about springtime. I had just a bit of frozen strawberries left over from our Mother's Day picking, and one lone jar of strawberry freezer jam from that same day (this year we need to double the amount we get!).

I decided we needed a pick me up, something different from the warm, heartiness of winter meals. I just made a quick hot milk sponge that is baking away as we speak. I will coat the sponge with the jam, then whip some fresh cream and dice the last of those beautiful berries on top with a hint of fresh mint.

Supper tonight will be a new adventure for us. I am making coconut curry chicken with jasmine rice, still warm and hearty, but also fresh and different. I love curry, and hope that the kids enjoy the sweet and spicy flavor.

The sun is shining today, it is finally out of the 30's and we will have just a taste of spring after dinner. Perfect.

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