Thursday, January 24, 2008

A grand day

So we had a nice day. I got the house straightened, the wreath came down and I grabbed a shower. I made some bread and Em and girls came by. The kids were pretty good, not stellar, but pretty good. I made a bunch of cookies and roasted some coffee and Ryan, Em and I watched a movie. The movie was good, the cookies were yummy and the comfy couch and company was excellent. A good day overall. Now I am finishing my work and will settle to watch a little TV and drink some fresh roasted coffee. A warm cozy evening.


theansweris said...

I had a nice day. Thank you for sharing your relaxing day with us. Wish the kids had been better.

Thanks for letting us stay and play the Wii after school, it made Declan's day:)

Tribe Mama said...

No problem, we were happy to have you guys!

The kids are the kids, after all these years we have to know that the one day we want them to be quiet, they won't be :)

It was a good day and I am glad Declan got a chance to play!