Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weird kid comments...

OK, we all know kids say the darndest things, but these are a few things my kids have said since we left home.

Haven about Brittan really liking her teddy bear, "Man, she (Brittan) is a Bearaholic"

Brittan to Haven while looking out the window while we were driving, "Hey that's a church. I know because they always have lower case t's at the top"

Haven to Ryan about her brother. "I love that he is three, he's addicted to me and he is a great kisser!"

OK, that last one is innocent, Grayson is known for being pretty liberal with his kisses, and he and Haven have always had a good relationship. I guess he was giving her a bunch of kisses this morning.

Not sure how Haven knew what an "aholic" was, we really don't talk much about things like that here, but it was really funny. For Britt, I guess we need to explain what a cross is :) As for my boy, he is a great kisser, in a sweet, innocent, three year old way!

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