Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to the grind-sort of

My girls headed back to school today, after two weeks off for Haven and three weeks off for Brittan since she was sick. I feel a bit bad about taking them out again next week, but we have had this trip planned, and we are going. I wish I had the energy and time to homeschool the kids, I love the open schedule and having the kids open to learning, but they like going to school and we then bend to the schedule.

We have Killian here with us today, which is nice for Grayson as he would have been really bored and sad with no one to play with. Having her here has helped ease the blow of the girls leaving, and they have been playing nicely all day. In a bit, I will make them some lunch and then off to rest. While they rest, I will bake some brownies for Haven's Girl Scout meeting and get ready for dinner. Brittan and Declan will come home on the bus, I will cook up some shrimp and pasta for supper and get everyone fed so that when Ben comes, the kids are ready to go.

Tomorrow I will head down to Toys R Us and get a few supplies for the car ride. We need at least two new movies, a bunch of coloring things, etc for me to pack for the kids. We are getting close!

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