Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sometimes things are crappy

We are having a great trip. Today we went to Seaworld and the kids had a great time. We fed the dolphins and the sea lions. The kids saw the penguins, and Grayson fell in love with a stuffed penguin with a baby, so of course he got it :) We had dinner with Shamu and it was such a neat experience. We were right next to the pool and the whales came right up next to us. The trainers came around and talked to the kids, and answered any questions. The whole experience was better than any lame character dinner, and I think my kids got a kick out of being so close and seeing the whales up close and personal. After the dinner, we went to the play area, and as the park was almost closing they were able to get on all the rides right away and stay on if they wanted. The kids all rode the roller coaster twice, a first experience for them, and I fear Haven is going to be a coaster junkie, she loved the thrill! Afterwards, we came back here to the hotel and I started my grading...then my computer died.

We had been having problems with the power supply, and all of a sudden my power cord began beeping (didn't know they did that!) and I couldn't get a charge. This was a huge problem as grades were due tonight, and while my job is flexible, I still need to do it. At 9:30 I got in the car and went in search of a solution, if I couldn't find one I would have to pack the family up early to drive home. I found a Walmart and I found a replacement charger. I was also going to buy a laptop just in case, but I only had Ryan's credit card on me and they wouldn't let me use it, even though we have the same name and address!

I brought the replacement back and thankfully it works! I just finished grading (it is 12:45) and now need to get relaxed enough to go to sleep. We have to get up at 6:30 and leave by 8:30 so we can do Epcot as our last day. With all the running around, I never got my research done and will have to do it and write a paper tomorrow night, along with work and pack us up. I cannot wait to get home and sleep on Saturday, although I need to go get our dog at 9 am, so I guess I cannot sleep in, but maybe I will get a nap. Next week, I start on campus classes on Wednesday, back to the two job grind!

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theansweris said...

At least the power strip worked. It could have been so much worse:)