Monday, January 21, 2008

Moving through the day

So I woke up with a wicked headache, and as I rolled over, Grayson looked at me and said,
"I have to throw up." Swell. Turns out he never really got sick, he just has a nasty cold and sleeping with a runny nose made his tummy upset. So down we go, I swig down a few pills for my headache and throw some of the pumpkin muffins (so happy I made them) on plates and pour some apple juice for the kids. I then sit on the couch, under my blanket and close my eyes...thankfully the kids allowed me to rest for a half an hour and I felt a bit better.

Ryan needed to drop his car off for an inspection, so we got dressed and bundled up, and headed into the cold to pick him up. He then dropped Brittan and I off so she could get a haircut and he ran to the store with the other kids to get a few things (I am SO thankful for that, there is no way I could have braved the store) While we were waiting, Emily and the girls came in for haircuts too, and I was so happy to see them, it seems like it has been forever!
Britt got a haircut, we grabbed something for lunch and headed home. The kids ate, then Ryan took Grayson up for a nap, and the girls have been working on their make-up work for the last week of school they missed. I have been trying to get my course checks done, but our site isn't working right, so it is taking forever. Soon I will start dinner (chicken and dumplings), and I can rest easy since I won't have any work to do after dinner. I do, however, need to do dishes and switch laundry, but that just part of a normal day. Right now, all I want to do is to lay down and close my eyes and nap, but that won't happen, so I think I will get up and make some coffee.

The house is chilly and I never made a fire, so I am hoping that tomorrow brings more bearable temps.

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