Sunday, January 27, 2008


Dinner was a success, and dessert was a sensation!

The kids enjoyed the chicken coconut curry, I was careful not to use too much curry paste so it wasn't too spicy. Next time I will use more coconut milk as we make BIG batches of food, and the one can was just not enough coconut flavor for me.

Dessert was a smashing success. I spread the jam over the sponge and snipped some fresh mint on top. The I added a thin layer of fresh whipped cream, then the last of the whole, hulled strawberries, and then a final layer of whipped cream. I always forget how delicious sponge cake is, and so easy to make. I have a feeling that we will have a lot this summer following the strawberry picking and blueberry harvest!

All my work is done, paper written and dishes done. I need to run to the farm tomorrow morning and pick up snack for the Brownie meeting, then home to do course checks. Tomorrow night I have to teach, so I will be out from 6-10 pm. Thankfully, Tuesday we have a quiet day planned and the girls have a half day and no school on Friday. I teach again Friday and then I AM SLEEPING IN ON THURSDAY!!!!

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