Thursday, January 24, 2008

Green goodness

I am so excited that I may burst! I got confirmation that we are on the list for the Spring CSA, 7 weeks of healthy, home grown, organic local produce starting in April. After that comes the summer CSA, and we may even do the Fall/Winter. Along with the produce, we will also get our eggs this way, a dozen per week, and that will save me trips to the grocery store :)

I am already planning the summer garden, tomorrow Ryan and I will go out and sketch the plan. he is also busy working on the plan for the winter plants in the garden, researching different growing methods, etc. The hope is that we get the back garden planted early, then we clean and organize the garage and determine where the plants will go. The indoor garden will be planted mid summer, so that we have greens, tomatoes and berries, along with our herbs, all winter.

The canning schedule will include pasta sauces, squash and zucchini with basil and tomatoes and lemon dill green beans. Once the garden plan is drawn up, we will lay the fence and I will post the seeds.

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