Friday, January 4, 2008


I have been a bit off today, really tired and just generally worn out. I have also not been up for eating, up until 10 minutes ago I have barely eaten anything, except some peanut brittle earlier. My kids had french toast and sausage for dinner, and after they were in bed, I made hamburgers for Ryan and I. I was really looking forward to a nice burger, but as soon as I took one bite, I knew I wouldn't eat it. Texturally I just didn't want it, and Ryan has assured me the burger was fine, so I think I am just off. Then I decided I really, really, REALLY wanted Cocoa Krispies, something I NEVER eat or have in the house. I also decided I needed waffles, so my loving husband went to the store and bought me both Cocoa Krispies and waffles. I am so happy now, I guess I needed some terrible comfort food today :)

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