Monday, January 28, 2008

A quick post before I go

So today was a bit harried. I got up and got the kids ready, took the girls to school and headed to the farm. Deep down I was concerned because I remembered something about the farm and Mondays. Got there and they were closed...that's right the new winter hours!

Came home, did course checks, got my syllabus and out Gray and I went again. We renewed Ryan's car registration, went to the bank, went to may copies of the syllabus (I gt frustrated with the self serve machines and will pic up copies on my way) and went to the grocery store. I came home, cleaned the house, did dishes, got the snack ready for Brownies, made my sign in sheet, and generally got things ready. Now I have dinner cooking and my clothes ready for work. I will leave at 6, pick up my syllabi and go teach.

Tomorrow I will head back to the farm, we need milk and butter and my neighbor is hooked now too! Then the girls get out early from school and we will go and have our standard lunch with Emily and the kids. Whew, I am already tired and I haven't left for work yet!

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